Cornelia Ilin

I am currently a Research Scientist at Stanford's RegLab and Lecturer at UC Berkeley's School of Information.

My primary interest is in developing new causal inference and machine learning models to solve problems in environmental and health economics.

After receiving my doctorate in Applied Economics from UW-Madison, I went on to work as an Associate Economist at Analysis Group and as a Faculty Associate at UW-Madison. During this time, (i) I contributed to several high-profile litigation cases and clinical trials research in the healthcare industry, and (ii) taught Data Science and Applied Microeconomics to master’s level students.

Before RegLab, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Data-Intensive Development Lab at UC Berkeley.

Email: cilin [at]  /  Office: TBD  /  Curriculum Vitae


Journal publications

Estimating Health and Economic Impacts of Global Behavior Change During the COVID-19 Pandemic, under review, Nature (2021)
J.Tseng, K.C. Coy, C. Ilin, A.C. Ewing, T. Chong, S.M. Marks, I. Bolliger, N.M. Gonzalez, K.Bell, A.J. Hakim, S. Hsiang

Public Mobility Data Enables COVID-19 Forecasting and Management at Local and Global Scales, Nature - Scientific Reports, volume 11, article number: 13531 (2021)
C. Ilin, Sebastien Annan-Phan, Xiao Hui Tai, Shikhar Mehra, S. Hsiang, J. Blumenstock

Evolution of Learning in Technology Adoption: The case of the U.S. Soybean Seed Industry, under review, PLOS One (2021)
C. Ilin, G. Shi

Competition, Price Dispersion and Capacity Constraints: The Case of the U.S. Corn Seed Industry, European Review of Agricultural Economics, volume 1 (2021)
C. Ilin, G. Shi

Journal publications (in preparation)

The Role of Birth and Contemporaneous Pollution Exposure on Health Outcomes.
C. Ilin, D. Phaneuf, 2019

Contribution to manuscripts and posters

Longitudinal Matching. A Method for Generating Comparable Samples of Treatment and Treatment-Naive Patients with Progressive Conditions.
K. Cook, O. Ali, D. Gupta, C. Ilin, D. Holmqvist, D. Lee, E. Tuttle, P. Bradt, 2018

Patient Quality of Life and Benefits of Leptin Replacement Therapy (LRT) in Generalized and Partial Lipodystrophy.
study funded by Aegerion Pharmaceuticals Inc., 2018

Effect of Leptin Replacement Therapy (LRT) on Survival and Disease Progression in Generalized and Partial Lipodystrophy.
study funded by Aegerion Pharmaceuticals Inc., 2018

Litigation consulting

Analysis of claims data related to mental health and substance abuse disorders.
Des Roches, et. al v. Blue Shield and Magellan

Analysis of claims data related to emergency department orthopaedic services.
Confidential v. Blue Shield

Design, implementation and analysis of quantitative surveys related to patent infringment.
Confidential v. Google, Confidential v. Apple, Confidential v. FTC


Past Teaching Assistants:

Past Independent Study MS Students:

  • Liza Peckham

Past Project Assistants:

  • Jingyi Tong
  • Yuxuan Li


DATASCI W207: Applied Machine Learning, UC Berkeley: Summer 2021, Spring 2021, Fall 2020, Summer 2020

AAE875: Fundamentals of OOP and Data Analytics using Python, UW-Madison: Summer 2019

AAE724: Practicum for Applied Economists, UW-Madison, Fall 2019